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Training - Designed To Effect Rapid Change (03-23-2008)

Many are astounded to learn that training as we know it is a relatively modern concept.
Prior to World War II, skills had been imparted by means of apprenticeship schemes - a system that took years to produce a single journeyman practitioner. As the USA's involvement in the war became inevitable, so did the need to acquire, multiply and spread needed skills. One-to-many training was the innovation that was used to rapidly close the technological and productivity gaps that existed in many critical areas (e.g., aircraft bombsight optics) between the Axis powers and the allies.
Today if a skill is needed it can either be bought or taught by:
  • hiring a practitioner of a new skill and training him/her to operate in the existing environment; or more simply
  • training incumbent staffers in the new skill and having them apply it to the prevailing reality.
In most circumstances the latter is the better, faster and cheaper approach. Such is the case with the 2-day Price To Win (PTW) training seminars that CAI/SISCo offers. Led by experienced PTW practitioners, the seminar uses real-world problems and case studies to provide hands-on experience and press home the tenets, approaches and tools that help improve win probabilities and rates.
Our training has been shown to provide immediate benefits. According to a recent customer, our PTW training provided an incredible return on investment (ROI) when the techniques learned in the seminar were applied to capture an opportunity that had been assessed as having only a marginal pWin.
Good luck and happy hunting!
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