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Company Background
Since 1975, CAI/SISCo has been providing business development support services to help industry business developers capture or retain major government and commercial services and complex integration contracts. Our firm is comprised of 4 customer-facing divisions: Capture Consulting; Professional Training; Business Development Management; and, Products & Publications.
Organized To Provide Service
Our Opportunity Capture Consulting Division provides independent capture support services, such as Price to Win (PTW or P2W) analysis and Independent Cost Estimates (ICE), and does so in support of major domestic and international government information technology (IT), communications & electronics (C&E;) and science & technology (S&T;) pursuits. The aggregate dollar value of the well over 2,000 successful acquisitions we have supported exceeds $1 trillion. Our track record is having helped clients into the winner's circle 80% of the time -- no competitor even comes close.
The Professional Development Seminars offered by our Training Division present state-of-the-art seminars on the following topics: Price To Win (PTW or P2W), Competitive Analysis, Strategic Pricing, and other topical business development-related subjects. All of our seminars are led by seasoned practitioners who can provide the insights behind the strategies and tactics that we teach.
Our Business Development Management Consulting Division provides Opportunity Pipeline Development studies, Opportunity Qualification, IDIQ Contract Exploitation, and Market Research and Analysis to improve focus and success over the long haul. We also provide consulting to initiate or improve client: Labor Rate Competitiveness by customer, location, and type of work; Business Development Information Cultures; and, Infocentricity-Supporting Infostructures. Representative of the resources we provide are: subject matter experts (SMEs) covering technologies, agencies, or both; pricing strategists; plus the full range of experienced proposal development resources.
Our Competitive Intelligence, Books, Tools & Templates Division makes our experience and expertise available to contractors and capture teams by: making our on-demand CI-4-GovBids - Competitive Intelligence (CI) service available to capture teams; providing seat licenses to our PTW-In-A-Box Pricing Models, Read-out Templates and Estimating Tools to build or improve internal Competitive Analysis, Price to Win (PTW) and Strategic Pricing capabilities; or, acquire "How To" books on Price To Win (PTW) and other business development subjects.
Committed To Customer Success
During all phases of the capture process, CAI/SISCo stands apart from its competition. We take the art of planning and capturing major opportunities very seriously. To help our clients know how serious we are in helping them spend their B&P; resources wisely, we continue to invest heavily in developing our proprietary InfoCenter™ database, which encapsulates 30+ years of codified, and tacit knowledge related to capturing public sector business.
CAI/SISCo typically provides customers with that "other hand against which to clap" their solutions, proposals, price to win (PTW), pricing strategies, share-in-savings strategies and service level agreements (SLAs) for complex bids, including A-76 competitions. We have experience formulating bids for performance-based contracting, cost as an independent variable (CAIV), reverse auctions and most other contracting approaches.
To CAI/SISCo, PTW includes everything needed to design, develop, deploy, operate, support and maintain complex systems that support civilian and military needs. Accordingly, we have successfully supported customer solution bids to:
  • modernize entire government departments,
  • develop and deploy state-, department- and government-wide networks; and
  • develop and deploy strategic and tactical military systems or major subsystems thereof.
Our customers form a corporate who's who of the services and manufacturing sectors. These are the companies that vie for the medium-sized ($25M+), large ($100M) and massive (up to $50B) opportunities of all complexity that emanate from government clients.
CAI/SISCo's processes and tools add value to all phases of the business development process, including:
  • planning corporate strategies and identifying winnable targets of opportunity;
  • capturing competitive computer and telecommunications systems and services procurements, on an opportunity-exclusive basis;
  • maximizing government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) holders' ability to identify and harvest task order (TO) and delivery order (DO) business; and
  • supporting business development teams with products, training and on-demand competitive intelligence.
CAI/SISCo's success legacy includes:
  • support for most major government contractors;
  • experience with most U.S. federal, state and local government agencies; and
  • several international government agencies and commercial firms.
CAI/SISCo sets a new standard for federal business developer support. Our suite of information and business development services, known collectively as CAI/SISCo OpenSource™, supports the entire procurement process. Our holistic approach melds time-tested methodologies and tools with CAI/SISCo InfoCenter™, our Lotus Notes®-based information utility, to provide our clients with a winning edge in today's fiercely competitive federal marketplace.
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