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Q: What does "opportunity exclusivity" mean to CAI/SISCo?
A: For a discrete opportunity, our firm will only have one client. If, for whatever reason, an "opportunity exclusive" client decides not to bid and releases CAI/SISCo from its exclusivity obligation, then CAI/SISCo may pursue another customer for the opportunity.
Q: Does CAI/SISCo play favorites when committing to a particular customer for a given opportunity?
A: Our policy is, and has always been: first come, first served. As a practical matter, "first come" means the firm that produces a signed Purchase Order first.
Q: How can CAI/SISCo provide firm, fixed pricing for Price To Win (PTW) and other studies while other firms typically operate only on a time & materials (T&M;) basis?
A: For PTW studies our 3-Phase, 10-Step process guides the necessary research, analysis, development and production steps that leverage pre-positioned information and rapidly adaptable models and templates to provide timely deliverables and models. Competitors typically have neither the corporate culture nor infostructure to allow them to do more than sell poorly-leveraged bodies by the hour.
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