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Opportunity Capture Consulting
Since 1975, CAI/SISCo has been delivering competitive analysis, Price to Win (PTW) and strategic bid and pricing services to help clients acquire or retain major government opportunities. Our subject matter experience is diverse, covering: Air Traffic Control, Base Operations, Weapon Systems, Border Security, Telecommunications, Satellite Systems, C4ISR (ISTAR), EW, Software Development, Radars, Aircraft Modification, Service Desks, Systems Integration, Training, Embedded Systems, Intelligence Systems, Logistics, ERP, Law Enforcement, Managed Services, Satellite Systems, Interpreters, Energy Management, Physical Security, Ammunition, Healthcare, EO/IR, Cloud Computing, Web Portals, Tax Collection, Case Management, Utility Pricing, Seat Management, Virtual Reality, Financial Management, PKI, Strategic & Tactical Systems + many other activities.
The aggregate dollar value of the more than 2,000 successful capture campaigns we have supported exceeds $1 trillion. Our track record has helped a Who's Who base of clients into the winner's circle 85% of the time, and our record is getting better--no competitor even comes close. To stay on top, CAI/SISCo continues to invest heavily in the information husbanding, processes, tools and training that make our work doable. The result is a suite of service offerings and an opportunity capture capability that now encapsulate 30 years of accumulated knowledge and know-how related to the capture of major business opportunities. And to show that we put our money where our mouth is, we will work on a firm, fixed price (FFP) basis helping clients avoid chewing up pursuit budgets (B&P; plus investment funds) whenever schedules slip to the right.
Today, major opportunities include solicitations for large stand-alone jobs as well task order requests (TORs) issued under government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs). These days, GWAC TORs represent an increasing portion of overall federal business. This is not surprising since the 20+ extant federal GWACs now have an aggregate ceiling value to their multiple awardees that approaches $400B. CAI/SISCo has made it our business to understand and track all major GWACs (see Past Performance) and we are ready to help clients with PTW and other services to capture or retain business that is being competed as Task Order Requests (TORs).
The CAI/SISCo team takes the art of planning for and capturing major opportunities as a corporate priority. Unlike one-man bands, dabblers and firms that support capture efforts with ad hoc groups of stringers, our capture teams have worked together to produce repeatable results for years. All of our staffers are well versed in and have access to our corporate information assets, processes, templates and tools allowing them to concentrate on what really wins business - positioning and price, not just proposals. We also have hundreds of case studies that our team can leverage to ensure that all angles are addressed.
While the smart companies have begun to change, it is still a fact that, while more than 85% of all awards these days are made primarily on price, over 80% of the typical opportunity capture budget is still devoted to proposal development. CAI/SISCo has long advised customers to improve the way an opportunity's B&P; funds are allocated to better address the critical positioning and price issues.
To request a proposal or more information about any of our services or
products, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him at (301) 807 8171.
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