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Opportunity Qualification Studies

The decision to commit scarce resources to major pursuits should be supported by the best information obtainable. A CAI/SISCo Opportunity Qualification Study is aimed at improving, confirming, and adding to the body of knowledge underlying your decision support process. An Opportunity Qualification Study should be considered when your firm is either an insurgent prime or must decide which bid team it should join.
An Opportunity Qualification Study provides a timely "street" version of the competitive situation - the proverbial "other hand against which to clap" to support bid decisions. Typical studies include:
  • An acquisition environment analysis - covering the opportunity purview, funding source/s, competing vehicles, decision makers and the likely evaluation scheme;
  • Identification and analysis of the likely competitive teams - membership and roles, advantages, differentiators and likely pursuit budgets and resources;
  • Reasoned recommendations such as whether or not your firm should pursue the prime role and, if not, which team/s you should seek to join and for what role.
An Opportunity Qualification Study is often a prelude to a formal Competitive Analysis/PTW Study. Opportunity Qualification Studies are performed under strict NDAs.
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