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Solution IV&V and Team Assessment

As noted elsewhere, one of the critical aspects of a timely PTW study is to provide CAIV targets for the major elements of a bid solution. A bid team can also approach this objective by having a CAI/SISCo IV&V team perform critical "value engineering" on a bid team's schedule, WBS, level of effort estimates, and their entire bases of estimates (BOE) -- in short, all of the artifacts that drive cost, and therefore price.
CAI/SISCo can also help develop or round out a winning bid team for major opportunities. We have an encyclopedic knowledge of government IT, C&E and S&T players, including their incumbencies, past performance, products, services, and pricing practices within the CAI/SISCo InfoCenter™. We know who has the "hot" technologies, which small and disadvantaged businesses will be best received where, and how to achieve a cost-effective team balance.
CAI/SISCo began its life in the opportunity capture field as a technical solution developer focused on promulgating solutions that best meet stated and "best value" requirements. (As stated above, we also review client solutions to ensure that they are all they can be but not more than they are required to be.) Solution development requires the tools and types of information, insights and exhaustive options analyses for which CAI/SISCo is best known. A solution development study:
  • develops an affordable, compliant and feasible solution which implements a concept of operations that meets all opportunity criteria and goals;
  • develops the solution's technical description, complete with graphics and compliance matrices that show how the requirements are met and how the solution is to be developed, demonstrated, implemented (including transition from the existing environment), managed, operated and refreshed;
  • provides all pertinent information concerning solution components, sources, and their list prices and likely acquisition costs; and
  • helps develop an understanding of the requisite test configurations needed to prove the concept and to support the stage management needed to showcase the solution at live test demonstration (LTD) time.
CAI/SISCo InfoCenter™ is our automated sourcing library. It presently includes technical, pricing, and discounting information on over 45,000 hardware and software products and services, and information on more than 20,000 technology companies and their offerings. Putative opportunity solutions are developed under the aegis of The Configurator™, our solution (and cost) development workbench. For major components, up to 3 compliant products are configured to provide solution depth and flexibility.
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