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CAI/SISCo now offers a service to assist clients design, develop and implement an effective infocenter to facilitate the collection, management, and pre-positioning for re-use of critical business development information. CAI/SISCo's infocenter holds information that pertains to every aspect of the thousands of opportunities to which we have been exposed and allows our knowledge workers rapid access to the millions of tagged and readily accessible "snowflakes" of competitive information that we add to all day, every day. We can help clients develop an infocentric culture and assess how best to adapt their existing information assets to form a supportive environment that puts information at everyone's fingertips thus saving the time, cost, and energy that is needed to keep on learning the same information over and over again.
Key opportunities, or suites of opportunities, that are crucial to a company's well-being or expansion in the government IT, C&E and S&T marketplaces demand special attention. CAI/SISCo's 'back office' environmental data collection and analysis service supports this need by consistently, synergistically and economically feeding capture teams professionally-prepared competitive information.
This private subset of CAI/SISCo InfoCenter™ provides a lot more than access to our information warehouse. Interaction with CAI/SISCo's knowledge workers and researchers also provides insight, experience, knowledge and wisdom.
This 'virtual' information resource is also a cost-effective business development force multiplier. By supporting front line business developers with key information and insight potential, clients can be approached with enhanced 'face time.'
Our modern information infrastructure is based on Lotus Notes®. On an opportunity-exclusive, pro-active basis, our knowledge workers can capture and organize all relevant opportunity information using CAI/SISCo InfoCenter™ and present this database of contacts, products, services, white papers, environmental information and analyses for use by your capture teams. Typical issue areas include:
  • determining the universe of actual and potential players and team roles;
  • developing incumbencies, corporate personalities, products, pricing, and allegiances;
  • assessing the opportunity's aftermarket potential;
  • assessing uplifts related to labor rates and product wraps; and
  • analyzing strategic and tactical issues and opportunities.
It is a fact that the earlier in a program's capture cycle that needed information becomes available, the more effectively it can be put to use. Our open source intelligence-based approach reuses relevant information from our 300 million pre-positioned information snowflakes and myriad other sources. Our knowledge workers analyze the information and, from it, compile useful knowledge for delivery.
To request a proposal or more information about any of our services or
products, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him at (301) 807 8171.
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