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Black Hat Reviews

Instead of using in-house resources to plan and execute Black Hat reviews for your "must win" government programs, consider engaging CAI/SISCo to customize and execute our time-tested approach to stage-manage this critical session. CAI/SISCo brings its unparalled competitive information resources to augment and inform the proceedings. Our professional Black Hat facilitators and assistant facilitators are well-schooled in our process that allows your senior review participants to spend their time applying their experience and knowledge to the task of revealing to your capture team what competitve bid teams can and will do to deny your firm a win.
CAI/SISCo has more than 30 years of experience in developing in-briefs, facilitating review sessions, and out-briefing capture teams for major, complex government opportunities. Since the turn of the century, CAI/SISCo has facilitated and conducted Black Hat review sessions for scores of capture efforts for some of the biggest corporate names in government contracting.
To accomplish a Black Hat engagement CAI/SISCo performs the following scheduled steps:
  • Step 1 - independently develops an opportunity-customized Black Hat session in-brief materials from customer, opportunity, and pre-positioned CAI/SISCo competitive information. This step is typically completed within 3 business days of receipt of authorization to proceed with the Black Hat engagement;
  • Step 2 - interdependently facilitates and conducts the up to 8-hour Black Hat review session. This step can be scheduled to occur any time after the completion of Step 1; and,
  • Step 3 - independently performs post-session analysis and synthesizes a deliverable containing the session's findings and recommendations, usually within 3 business days after the Step 2 review session.
Our Step 1 facilitation deck is designed and developed for the client using appropriate Black Hat procedural artifacts and all available acquisition documents (e.g., competitor review team templates, evaluation schemes, etc.).
CAI/SISCo's Black Hat Process
In Step 2 of the Black Hat review process, CAI/SISCo's facilitator leads the review team around the review circle shown in the preceding graphic presenting the material developed during Step 1 while provoking discussion and deep thought. The Step 1 deck is designed to act as the grain of sand that stimulates the "oyster" (the review team) into producing pearls of wisdom that the assistant facilitator duly records while our facilitator drives the reviewers to refine such insights further resulting in pithy and actionable conclusions. All suggestions, comments and embellishments elicited from the brain storming session are captured and transformed in real-time into in-brief updates and displayed for further review and comment.
Immediately after the Black Hat session, Step 3 refines the information developed and collected during the Step 2 review into a professional deliverable product for use by client capture and proposal development teams.
To request a proposal to conduct a Black Hat review for a specific opportunity capture, or to request more information about professional Black Hat reviews or any of our other business development services or
products, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him at (301) 807 8171.
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