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Opportunity Capture Training

CAI/SISCo is the gold standard provider of a range of professional development seminars that share one common purpose Significantly improving win rates for competitive government contracts!
All of our training seminars and coaching offerings provide attendees the opportunity to leverage years of practical experience from leading industry veterans. Our instructors are all highly successful practicing consultants specializing in areas such as Price To Win (PTW), Competitive Intelligence (CI), Competitive Analysis (CA), Strategic Bid Pricing, Capture Planning, and Business Development (BD).

Price To Win (PTW)In 2004, we launched the first commercially available "How To Do" PTW seminar aimed at helping customers understand how PTW, whether performed internally or externally, can dramatically improve win rates. The training covers the establishment of an internal PTW capability as well as what any PTW capability should do to help government contractor capture teams build solutions, teams and proposals that are driven by a price that can win.

Since 2004, this seminar has continued to be a huge success, gaining recognition as the leading seminar of its kind and the only one dedicated to teaching how to do PTW. The number of our customers that have staged instances of our private PTW seminar has grown year after year with well over 10,000 students having benefitted from its rigor, insights and practical approaches. Always led by a practicing PTW professional, the PTW seminar helps capture managers, capture teams and business development professionals better understand the processes, tools and information needed to "bake" competitor-driven PTW results into a winning capture strategy and price offering that avoids simply sprinkling PTW findings on top of a "business as usual" capture process as a last minute applique.

More recently, with the growing acceptance of PTW as an internal function, CAI/SISCo has developed a significant practice as PTW coach. Our coaching activities range from: advisory services covering PTW tools, techniques, models, and information handling capabilities; "must win" opportunity specific pricing strategy tune-ups and PTW development assistance; overall BD process improvement; and Gold Team participation.

Recognizing the demand for professional development seminars which are led by actual practitioners and who are experts in their fields prompted us to launch other classes to help firms better understand how to significantly improve win rates.

Government contractors need CAI/SISCo's professional development seminars now more than ever, as firms strive to remain and enhance their edge in the brutally competitive and fast-moving marketplace for solutions, products and services. Government, on the other hand, uses the understanding our training imparts to develop better acquisition practices to ensure the goods and services they acquire deliver promised benefits in a cost-effective manner.

All of our seminars are purposefully designed to impart the information and develop the mindset needed to drive to winning capture strategies and price offerings. The content of our seminars is continually refreshed and enhanced to meet the ever changing and ever growing demands of competitive government contracting.

Professionals from leading government contractors such as Accenture, AT&T, BAE Systems, Boeing, CAE, GD IT, Harris, HP, IBM, Leidos, L3 Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and SAIC as well as many other fast-growing small- and medium-sized businesses regularly attend our seminars to learn how to improve win rates and/or develop/improve in-house capabilities.

About Our Private Seminars

CAI/SISCo offers the following Professional Development seminars in private settings:
  • How To DO Price To Win (PTW) Studies - This market leading 1-day seminar explains why PTW is needed and covers the establishment of an internal PTW capability. We also offer a 2-day version of this PTW seminar which offers 3 discrete class problems in the form of abstracted acquisition opportunities and a 1/2-day version that introduces busy executives to the importance of PTW and how it can be implemented to improve win rates for little or no additional cost.
  • Strategic Bid Pricing - This invaluable 1/2-day seminar is the perfect complement to the PTW seminar and helps attendees understand and apply the techniques, strategies and models that can help game and price complex bids.
  • How to Develop Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Employ It for Competitive Analysis (CA) to Maximize Bid Success - A 1-day seminar that reveals how CI should best be garnered, organized and analyzed to significantly strengthen CA, Business Development and Capture Team success.
  • Proposal Creation: The Best Practices Workshop - A 1-day workshop that examines and addresses many of the common (and not so common) mistakes that are made when planning and preparing proposals for government procurements to result in better, more compliant proposals.
  • How To USE Price To Win (PTW) Study Results - A 4-hour seminar that describes what Capture Managers and other business development executives should expect from PTW studies, how these results should be used to drive solutioning, and explains how PTW results should be used to improve win rates; and
  • Cost As an Independent Variable (CAIV), shows how this often-mandated approach to major opportunity costing and pricing works for both the government customer and the contractor and how it can be adapted by contractors to drive target pricing in most any bid situation.
Private seminars enable all those involved in the capture process to speak freely to better understand how to work together to create a price-focused culture that can significantly improve success rates. The classes provide an excellent setting to tap into our instructors' expertise by raising issues related to current, future or even past pursuits that may not realistically be addressed in a public setting. (NDAs can be signed in advance if required.)

In addition, for our private seminars, the client chooses the location, and there is no limit to the group size attending, however, it is the client's responsibility to provide the venue and other arrangements.

To request a proposal for a private seminar please contact Jennifer Weinberg at e-mail or call her at (301) 840-5959.


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Opportunity Capture Training
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