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Opportunity Capture Training

CAI/SISCo is the gold standard provider of a range of professional development seminars that share one common purpose – Significantly improving win rates for competitive government contracts!

Proposal Creation: The Best Practices Workshop

This highly interactive 1-day workshop examines and addresses many of the common (and not so common) mistakes that are made when planning and preparing proposals for government procurements and provides a roadmap to create better, more compliant and ultimately winning proposals.

The knowledge and perspectives within this workshop enhance individuals’ value to their companies by teaching them to function as an integral member of a proposal creation team. The workshop provides a huge number of tips, techniques and insights, from the initial release of a solicitation, right through to submission of the proposal. Valuable tools are provided to make individuals – and their companies – much more effective, and avoid all of that last-minute crunch to ‘finally get it right’!

This professional development workshop is led by John C. Lauderdale III, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Government Contracts. John brings almost five decades of experience in government, including consulting to large and small businesses, helping them to win billions of dollars in defense and civilian government contracts. He is a highly rated and frequent speaker at APMP programs, not only for the National Capital Area Chapter, but regional chapters and the annual national APMP meeting. His forthcoming book, The Business Development Journey, is the capstone of the CAI/SISCo Roadmap to Success book series and other media materials.

The workshop specifically encourages participation in seminar discussions to enhance the learning experience. Some of the key topics are:

  • Focusing on a customer’s real needs and wants and using this knowledge to create compliant, persuasive, and compelling solutions, rather than simply a response to a solicitation
  • Avoiding general proposal weaknesses
  • Implementing a PDC (Proposal Development Center) – Main items of consideration
  • Conducting meaningful Bid / No Bid deliberations
  • Creating the all-important Executive Summary

There are 12 modules, and the sessions include useful interactive class exercises, using materials available from actual solicitations:

  • 1. Pre-Solicitation Proposal Development Activities
  • 2. Proposal Teams: Roles, Responsibilities, and Rewards
  • 3. Critical Proposal Development Days 1-5: The RFP Arrives
  • 4. Proposal Directive and Kick-off Meeting
  • 5. Themes and Discriminators
  • 6. Creation Aids: Graphics / Text
  • 7. Technical Volumes
  • 8. Management Volumes
  • 9. Logistics Volumes, or others…
  • 10. Cost Volumes
  • 11. Rainbow of Reviews -- Keys to Winning
  • 12. Finishing Strong and Going Beyond the Ordinary

Each participant receives a class manual and additional supplementary materials. In addition, the workshop price includes two hours of the instructor’s time after the class to address specific individual questions and situations.

Who should attend? Anyone responsible for pursuing major government acquisitions from both fast growing small businesses and major contractors alike. Capture managers, business developers, company owners, sales executives, managers and bid team veterans with all levels of experience will learn how to create winning proposals using a structured, yet flexible method. We particularly encourage the participation in the workshop by top managers, because the number one reason for losing bids is the lack of active participation in the proposal process by top management.

The seminar typically runs from 8:30AM to 4PM with a dedicated 1-2 hour Q&A session at the end.

This seminar is staged in a private setting at the customer’s location of choice. Private seminars like this one are a great way to bring together all who are involved in the capture and proposal process and enable the team members to understand how to work better together to improve success rates. More details of the private version of this workshop can be provided upon request.

If you require a detailed seminar outline or a proposal that discuss the specifics of holding this professional development training seminar in a private setting, please contact Jennifer Weinberg at e-mail or call her at (301) 840 5959.

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