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Professional Development Seminars

CAI/SISCo is the gold standard provider of a range of professional development seminars that share one common purpose – Significantly improving win rates for competitive government contracts!

How To DO: Competitive Analysis, Price To Win (PTW) & Strategic Pricing -- The “Puzzle Pieces” Seminar

Never has there been a greater need for government contractors to focus on what have long been the 3 most neglected elements of the opportunity capture process: Competitive Analaysis; Price To Win (PTW); and, Strategic Bid Pricing. With government budgets tightening and competition intensifying, winning competitive bids depends not just on your capture team's view of solution and price, but also on expert knowledge of your competitors, their likely solutions and, ultimately, where their fully gamed bid prices are most likely to be. Beyond this, however, bidders need to know how to use Strategic Pricing to turn their PTW price bogeys into winning, yet profitable, bid prices.
CAI/SISCo’s intensive 1-day "Puzzle Pieces" seminar presents a "how to" approach to both the understanding and doing of competitive analysis, PTW, and Strategic Pricing in support of the capture of major competitive contracting opportunities. CAI/SISCo's earlier seminars have consistently been hailed as the best of their kind by attendees from from a host of leading government contractors. Moreover, the seminar is continually being enhanced to reflect the times (e.g., LPTA bids, tripwires, tranche pricing, etc.) and market conditions. What our latest offering seeks to do is to include the Strategic Pricing puzzle piece in an action-packed day that teaches business developers of all stripes to:

  • Identify and understand the competition;
  • Develop their most likely bid prices; and, now,
  • Show how to develop a profitable bid price that can beat them.

The seminar is usually presented by CAI/SISCo's President, Tony Constable, arguably the world's most experienced PTW and Strategic Pricing practitioner. He is also the architect of CAI/SISCo's 3-phase, 10-step PTW framework and the author of two valuable “how to” business books, including a recently published fable on the promise of ‘Infocentricity’ (the fuel that drives PTW). The other, which was published in September 2011, is a detailed guide on 'How to Do PTW'. Collectively, these books have sold over 7,500 copies in addition to the copies that are given to attendees of this seminar - please click the "hot spots" on this page for more information on these publications.

Tony will explain in detail how to interpret and use Competitive Intelligence (CI) ‘snowflakes’ to qualify and quantify the solutions and pricing ascribed to competing bid teams, and how to utilize the 3-phase, 10-step PTW framework (a pioneering set of processes, tools and models, refined over 30 years of practical application) to conduct rapid and accurate studies. This process leads to a determination of the Home Team's price needed to win. He covers what is needed to establish an internal PTW capability, and also imparts the strategies that help capture teams build price-driven solutions and avoid the cost plus mentality.

With over 35 years’ experience and having delivered over 2,000 PTW and Strategic Pricing studies for major, complex opportunities with an aggregate value approaching $1T, Tony is equipped with numerous war stories and real life experiences to support the material in this valuable day of learning. Seminar attendees will also receive a copy of our progressive PTW class problem which drives home seminar lessons and explains how PTW results improve win rates. All attendees receive seminar materials in both hard and soft copies. This includes a memory stick containing soft copies of all slides, the progressive class problem's worksheets, gaming models used, and other information.

If you require a detailed seminar outline, pricing, or wish to discuss the specifics of holding this professional development training seminar in a private setting, please contact, Jennifer Weinberg at e-mail or call her at (301) 840 5959.

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