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Opportunity Capture Training

CAI/SISCo is the gold standard provider of a range of professional development seminars that share one common purpose – Significantly improving win rates for competitive government contracts!

Strategic Bid Pricing

CAI/SISCo's ½-day Strategic Pricing seminar discusses specific aggressive bidding strategies and tactics that may be used to develop highly competitive evaluated bid prices – yet maximize profits on the resulting contract. Insights, information, and actionable strategies are provided for those involved in “Must-Win” bids. This includes executives, business developers, capture managers, proposal managers, pricing personnel, contracts personnel and finance managers.

This professional development training seminar is led by John Zettler, who has 30 years experience in Federal Pricing, Contracts, and Program Financial Management. In the past 5 years, Mr. Zettler has assisted customers in winning more than $20B in new Federal business. His customers include many of the largest Federal Contractors, and numerous small and disadvantaged businesses. He has exceptional breadth and depth of experience in Federal contract pricing.

The half-day version of Strategic Bid Pricing Strategies and Tactics seminar is a 5-segment presentation:

  • Segment 1: What is Strategic Pricing?
  • Segment 2: RFP Review – What’s In and What's Not?
  • Segment 3: Contract Type and Cost Element Specific Strategies
  • Segment 4: Integration into Pricing and Proposal Volumes
  • Segment 5: Contract Margin Improvement

Segments 2 and 3 are devoted to strategies used in the development of pricing specifically tailored to the opportunity as defined in the SOW (Section “C”), the Instructions (“Section L”), the “B” Tables, and the Evaluation Model (Section “M”).

Specific emphasis is given to the process of analyzing the opportunity, the RFP, and company strengths and weaknesses, then structuring the pricing to best reflect strengths and hide any weaknesses. The intent is to focus the cost proposal response at a specific set of strategies instead of delivering a vanilla (and losing) response.

Question and answers are addressed throughout the seminar, and Mr. Zettler will remain after the seminar conclusion to discuss any specific questions, answers, and ideas that personnel may not want to address in front of the entire group.

Students receive hard and soft copies of all handouts.

To request a detailed seminar outline or a proposal for a private PTW seminar please contact Jennifer Weinberg at e-mail or call her at (301) 840 5959.

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Opportunity Capture Training
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