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Opportunity Capture Training

CAI/SISCo is the gold standard provider of a range of professional development seminars that share one common purpose – Significantly improving win rates for competitive government contracts!

The Bidder's Guide To CI/CA: How to Develop Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Employ It to Maximize Bid Success

This 1-day seminar delivers a high level overview of the vital role that Competitive Intelligence (CI) plays in both Competitive Analysis (CA) and Price To Win (PTW) when pursuing competitive government contracts. It reveals how CI should best be developed, organized and analyzed so that can be used to significantly improve business development and capture team success.

The seminar reveals the what, when, who, and how required for CI’s successful functioning in support of a company's business development process and describes CI/CA’s relationship to strategic planning, market positioning, and opportunity identification, as well as organizational relationships with areas such as sales and marketing, capture management and the Price To Win (PTW) function.

A proven 10-step CI/CA process that describes the development of "pre-positioned" profiles on a company's marketplace, customers, and competitors, that leads to targeted CI/CA support for specific competitive proposal activities, is provided.

This professional development seminar is presented by Dr. Mike Nash, a CI veteran with over 30 years' experience in the Aerospace industry, who has provided strategic business support for winning competitive business and CI support for international business development.

The Bidder’s Guide to CI/CA seminar is a 3-Segment presentation, each segment of which includes useful interactive class exercises:

  • Segment 1: Overview of Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Competitive Analysis (CA).
  • Segment 2: “Pre-Positioned” Strategic Information.
  • Segment 3: Focusing CI/CA Tactical Products for PTW.

Discussion topic examples include a selection of CI/CA software platforms, relationship of CI/CA to the parametric PTW process, and conduct of Black Hat reviews.

Who should attend? Any team members responsible for pursuing major government acquisitions from both fast growing small businesses and major contractors alike.

A question and answer session will conclude the seminar. Students receive a hard copy manual of the seminar material.

If you require a detailed seminar outline or a proposal for holding this professional development training seminar in a private setting, please contact Jennifer Weinberg at e-mail or call her at (301) 840 5959.

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Opportunity Capture Training
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