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Opportunity Capture Training

CAI/SISCo is the gold standard provider of a range of professional development seminars that share one common purpose – Significantly improving win rates for competitive government contracts!

How To DO Price To Win (PTW) Price Modeling

This half-day seminar is a must for capture managers and internal PTW practitioners. Over the past 30 years CAI/SISCo has developed and perfected a comprehensive PTW price modeling tool suite that supports PTW studies of complex opportunities with multiple competitive targets. This seminar uses an instance of CAI/SISCo's PTW Price model to build and demonstrate how the solution elements of an opportunity of any duration and complexity can be developed. For group of competing bid teams we will show how solutions can be easily developed, priced, forward priced, gamed, and compared to reveal where the Home Team needs to price a winning bid. The seminar leads participants through the development and integration of ~40 key issue areas including:
  • Defining the competive bid teams: Confirmeds, Likelies & Possibles;
  • Developing "Team Personalities" for competitive bid team members;
  • Developing the Evaluation Model;
  • Non-cost evaluation criteria scoring;
  • Developing the Addressable Budget;
  • Developing competitor "Top Down" Target Pricing;
  • Developing the opportunity's the Strategic Strike Zone;
  • Defining Labor Categories and CY1 compensation (exempt, CBA, WD, overseas uplifts, etc.); and
  • Defining ODCs, CY1 prices, discounts and technology deflation.
This 3-segment, half-day seminar leads students through the design, development, execution and management of an effective PTW modeling process. After an introduction to CAI/SISCo's PTW framework, the format is:
  • Segment 1: Modeling to support the PTW Phase 1 "Top Down" read-out;
  • Segment 2: Modeling to support the PTW Phase 2 "Bottoms Up" Partially Gamed read-out; and
  • Segment 3: Modeling to support the PTW Phase 3 "Bottoms Up" Fully Gamed read-out.
The seminar is targeted at senior opportunity capture personnel and is led by an experienced PTW practitioner.
Segment 1 shows how a Master model is used to develop all of the "Top Down" artifacts that are needed for a PTW practitioner to populate a comprehensive Phase 1 Capture Team read-out. Approximately 1 hour of class time is spent on Segment 1.
Segment 2 shows how, once the targets of the "bottoms up" portion of the PTW study are known, the Master model is completed for one of the targets and readied for cloning, customization and linking. Once the models are completed and have undergone quality checking, they can be used to produce the artifacts that are needed for a PTW practitioner to populate a comprehensive Phase 2 Capture Team read-out. We will spend approximately 1.5 hours of class time on Segment 2.
In Segment 3, we illustrate how the populated and linked suite of partially gamed models from Segment 2 are used to develop price "gamed" versions that produce the artifacts that are used to populate a comprehensive Phase 3 Capture Team read-out. We will spend approximately 1 hour of class time on Segment 3.
A question and answer session concludes the seminar. Students receive hard copy handouts of all presentation materials plus a complimentary memory stick containing soft copies of seminar slides.
To request a proposal or more information about this seminar or any other aspect of our training services, please contact Jennifer Weinberg at e-mail or call her at (301) 840 5959.
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