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Information - The Life Blood of Business Development, Capture and Price To Win (PTW) (06-10-15)

My last posting provided a high-level overview of our Price To Win (PTW) process. What it did not make crystal clear is that for this process to work, and for a company's business development and capture processes to work better, the company needs a culture that values its knowledgebase. It needs an efficient and effective means to augment, store, retrieve and share its information assets. Moreover, each business developer, capture manager, and capture activity - win, lose or draw - must leave the knowledgebase more comprehensive, accurate, accessible, and useful to other capture pursuits.
During a recent instance of my How To Do Price To Win (PTW) seminar, the client - a mid-sized contractor with a desire to improve its win rate, and convinced that information is indeed the life blood of PTW - pressed me on the twin issues of: 1) how to develop an information centric culture; and, 2) how to establish and maintain a corporate database for all sorts of business development and business capture information to help generate effective teams, proposals, PTW's and win rate improvements.
To avoid turning the seminar from one on PTW to one on ITW (Information To Win), I invited the client to visit CAI/SISCo's offices and see first-hand how our info-centric culture, tools, and environment work, and to learn how what we have developed could harness what we call Infocentricity to help his organization produce better results.
Our client learned what makes CAI/SISCo different is our "information first" culture - a culture which, when coupled with collaborative work processes and a repository designed to facilitate rapid collection, organization, access, and analysis of open source, non-proprietary information, is hard to live without.
To give our client a leg up on inculcating an "information first" culture at his company, we provided: workflow and knowledgebase design recommendations; observations and lessons learned concerning potential foundation software solution alternatives; and implementation, training and maintenance plans and schedules to support a successful transformation to a new way of working.
Next time I will delve into the subject of Strategic Bid Pricing, the process of developing a bid price that meets and beats the PTW-derived price targets. In the meantime, to learn more about our services, to request a proposal, or to buy a book, please contact:
  • Sherby Weinberg for PTW Professional Development Training - her phone number is (301) 717 9718 and her email is; or
  • Rich Brown for a proposal to do a PTW study on a specific opportunity - his phone number is (301) 704 1289 and his email is
My PTW Book - Hope Is Not A Winning Strategy... ... But Price To Win Is - is always available from Amazon as are copies of the other books in our Roadmap To BD Success Series. If there are any other issues related to bid price development that you would like to discuss please call me, Tony Constable, on (301) 807 8171.
Good luck, and happy hunting!
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