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A Compelling Business Development Strategy: Bid Less, Win More! (08-03-20)

Since most government contracts are re-competes we can reasonably add this periodic certainty to these: death and taxes.
By now everyone involved with business development should know that "hope" is not a winning strategy when pursuing government contract re-competes and other competitive opportunities. What most serious bidders (both incumbents and insurgents) are doing before committing to and mounting a costly pursuit campaign is to perform a realistic pWin analysis - we call this a PTW-Lite study. If the results flash red, pull the plug, keep your pursuit funds powder dry, and avoid becoming cannon fodder in yet another 1 winner, "n" - 1 losers' scenario.
While full strength Price To Win (PTW) studies are mostly commissioned by committed bidders (see the 01/22/2020 Commentary entry on the CAI/SISCo web site) PTW-Lite studies serve to provide an early and unbiased view of the efficacy of bidding at all. If, after having conducted a PTW-Lite on an opportunity, a bid decision is taken then the cost of the independent PTW-Lite study can usually be credited against the cost of a full-strength PTW study.
How does a PTW-Lite study differ from a full-blown PTW study? Send us an emailed request and we will send you a comparison of the two. Suffice it to say though that the major differences are elapsed time to complete; supporting modeling detail; and cost.
By introducing the PTW-Lite study we at CAI/SISCo are providing the means for organizations of all sizes to bid fewer jobs and concentrate on capturing or retaining more winnable opportunities. The key is our vast experience providing the accurate and unbiased outside view of the probability of being able to occupy the winner's circle.
Good luck and happy hunting.
If your firm is grappling with how to develop an effective PTW-driven means of improving your firm's pWin's and overall winnability, please call me at (301) 807 8171. I am always happy to discuss how CAI/SISCo can help improve your firm's processes and win rates.
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