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Training -- A Simple Way Of Raising Your Firm's Overall Win Probability (09-03-2008)

A conversation with a corporate education executive who uses our Competitive Analysis & Price To Win (CA/PTW) seminars as part of her continuing education program yielded the following stunningly practical rationale for so doing. She pointed out that for business development (BD) training her goal is to improve the firm's overall capture rate by raising the CA/PTW appreciation levels of all of their BD practitioners.
Large firms that pursue major contracting opportunities employ marketeers, capture managers, pricers, and proposal developers with experience levels that range from relative novice, through journeyman, to expert. Training is the cost-effective way of imparting skills and experience needed to replace expensive and time consuming apprenticeship-like approaches and on-the-job training with unpredictable outcomes.
The goal of our seminars -- and the objective of the experienced instructor/practitioner seminar leaders we provide to conduct them -- is to raise each attendee's level of awareness of CA/PTW processes and critical issues. This, in turn, helps improve a firm's overall success by increasing a capture team's competitive awareness and, by this means, each pursuit's pWin.
Good luck and happy hunting!
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