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CI-4-Gov™ - Competitive Intelligence On-Demand

"Today's winning businesses are diversified groups that have to write the score while they perform." Peter Drucker wrote these words, and while they were not intended to describe the government services marketplace, they do so admirably. To be more effective and successful, government contractor business developers are being increasingly driven to discover and employ new approaches, attitudes, on-demand information sources, and real-time innovation.
For over 30 years, CAI/SISCo has led the market for opportunity-exclusive business development support services. With our IBM Lotus Notes-based infostructure, we have become the premier source for ad hoc competitive intelligence, business developer training, support tools, and services such as Price To Win (PTW) studies. To make our underlying information capabilities more accessible to the government business development community, we are offering CI-4-Gov™ (Competitive Intelligence for Government business developers), CAI/SISCo's service that provides on-demand business development competitive intelligence, information, research, and support.
To equip your business developers for success, we invite your firm to use our CI-4-Gov™ service to provide access to our research staff as well as the trove of non-proprietary competitive intelligence (CI) that is pre-positioned within our InfoCenter databases. This hassle-free, subscription-free, and risk-free service provides economical, on-demand access to business development information, force-multiplying products, and responsive professional support services to players large and small in the government contracting arena.
CI-4-Gov™ is designed to provide rapid access to actionable competitive intelligence to support government contract opportunity pursuits. In contrast to information providers that supply canned information to hundreds of subscribers, many of whom compete for the same opportunities, CAI/SISCo's CI-4-Gov™ subscribers require professionally prepared, insightful and timely competitive intelligence to support opportunity qualification, labor rate studies, Black Hat review team inputs, pricing strategies, and other critical competitive inputs. This need, underscored by the extraordinary turnover levels of business development personnel that the average government contractor experiences, leads naturally to an on-demand information service operated by a trusted source such as CAI/SISCo.
CAI/SISCo's CI-4-Gov™ provides focused, detailed responses to business development questions quickly and economically. We are used to answering direct questions to meet the needs of small or large groups of business developers with diverse technological and governmental requirements.
A CI-4-Gov™ transaction entails:
  • the requestor downloads the CI request form (see bottom of this page) or sends a message to CAI/SISCo at attaching a short statement of work (SOW) OR requesting a dialog with our CI duty desk to define the requirement and the response timeframe;
  • a rapid response proposal is generated by CAI/SISCo detailing the approach, deliverables, schedule, level of effort, and cost; and
  • if the requestor accepts the proposal, credit card information is exchanged, and the request is processed and executed.
CAI/SISCo's CI-4-Gov™ hot line differs from all other government information services in the following important ways:
  • there are absolutely no subscription requirements - all you need to get started is a credit card;
  • CAI/SISCo guarantees the confidentiality of all requests and requestors and we are happy to execute specific NDAs and/or PIAs;
  • our corporate culture requires that all learned information be immediately recorded, tagged and accessioned to our InfoCenter databases;
  • everything known is electronically available for immediate delivery;
  • CI-4-Gov™ is staffed by true government business development professionals-cognoscenti who can enter into a dialog and gain understanding of subscriber's true needs, help them formulate the appropriate questions, and guide them to needed information, relevant information sources, or contacts;
  • senior consultants are always available to CI-4-Gov™ users, and are often involved in answering queries and performing analyses; and
  • if a CI-4-Gov™ request exceeds an informational or minor analysis requirement, CAI/SISCo will propose ways of helping subscribers meet their needs, rapidly, professionally and cost effectively.
CAI/SISCo is a leading provider of Competitive Analysis, Price To Win (PTW), Strategic Pricing and other business development support services to companies that vie for all types of large-scale government procurements. To request more information about the valuable CI-4-Gov™ on-demand competitive intelligence service, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him in the United States at (301) 807-8171. Major credit cards are cheerfully accepted.
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