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License Our Comprehensive PTW Price Modeling Tool & Cookbook

Over the years CAI/SISCo, the market leader for independent Price To Win (PTW) studies, has developed a robust PTW modeling tool that is capable of defining and describing projects of any size and complexity that involve multiple competitive bid teams. As our PTW framework and processes have been adopted by more and more mid- and large-sized companies the need to have a comprehensive modeling capability that supports our incremental approach to PTW development has become apparent. Accordingly we are now licensing our PTW model, along with our comprehensive PTW modeling Cook Book, to help client PTW practitioners deliver the rigorous and actionable results that their Capture Teams need to help fashion solutions that can be delivered at winning, yet profitable, prices.
As competition intensifies and price looms larger as the key determinant of competitive awards, information, not just technology, becomes more critical. Over the years, CAI/SISCo has developed both an infostructure and a culture that supports enhanced capture processes such as competitive analysis and PTW. As more and more firms focus on building their internal capabilities in these areas, CAI/SISCo has begun to offer consulting services, training, products and capabilities to help establish modern knowledge worker support systems.
Another aspect of the modern infostructure is a comprehensive and customizable PTW-supporting model suite. While CAI/SISCo's Price Model was developed primarily to support PTW studies there is no reason why this model should not be pressed into service as the Capture and Pricing Team's means for developing, costing and pricing Home Team's solution. By customizing and using a common model for Capture, PTW, and Pricing the training and role interchangeability burdens would be eased, communication would be enhanced, and overall costs and levels of effort would be reduced.
The following graphic depicts CAI/SISCo's modeling tool suite as a framework of modules that collectively allow CAI/SISCo's and customer PTW analysts to rapidly generate a custom set of opportunity-specific PTW model modules that can save countless hours of tedious and error-prone work. To provide a sense of our model framework's flexibility, our labor rate development modules can deal with collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), wage determination (WD), and Defense Base Act (DBA) issues in addition to more usual rate build-up approaches. CAI/SISCo's model allows a PTW practitioner to "tune" nominal corporate personality presets to represent competitor team member prevailing and evolving realities.
CAI/SISCo's Price-To-Win Model Visualized as a WBS
CAI/SISCo can also assist customers by developing custom bid price books based on our Price Book Template. This template is driven by tools that tie together the pricing requirements as expressed in acquisition documents, the pricing strategy based on Price To Win (PTW) results, and the costing and pricing data collected by the solution and pricing teams. Our Price Book Template and the customized price books they can generate are highly interactive, enabling the pricing team and management to consider numerous "what if" scenarios that arise as a bid and gaming strategy is refined.
Consulting services are available to help customers use, re-purpose and enhance our PTW framework, price modeling tools, training and databases and integrate them into their overall opportunity capture process.
To request a proposal or more information about any of our services, books or
products, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him in the United States on (301) 807-8171.
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