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Developing Lines of Business

Companies need to productize their service offerings to align with OMB's lines of business (LOBs). Government buyers, prodded by OMB and accommodated by GSA, will be increasingly interested in buying from established LOB providers to achieve lowered costs, lessened risks, faster technology insertion and the other benefits associated with commoditized, PWS/SLA-driven LOBs.
To compete effectively, Federal services vendors will have to identify, define, develop and perfect their core LOB elements and re-orient and refocus their marketing and capture processes around them. Success will require contractors to sell LOB-based solutions to future customers and potentially cannibalize business with existing clients.
CAI/SISCo is available to help get your firm's LOB ball rolling by: identifying and defining your major and minor LOBs and developing them into leverageable, repeatable and evolving processes; determining whether the desirable complement of LOBs can be achieved by packaging existing offerings and/or acquiring new or augmenting existing capabilities; and estimating and rank ordering the revenue potential of your possible LOBs across potential agency customers.
As a frame of reference, an IT-oriented contractor's LOBs could include enterprise level activities such as email consolidation and migration, ERP implementation, infrastructure modernization and rationalization, or server consolidation. A defense-oriented communications & electronics (C&E) firm's LOB elements may include nonrecurring engineering (NRE), integration, test & evaluation (ITE), and integrated logistics support (ILS).
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