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Price To Win (PTW) Staff Augmentation

Let CAI/SISCo Round Out Your PTW Capabilities with Seasoned Temporaries

Good and well-experienced Price To Win (PTW) practitioners are among the scarcest and most highly sought after talent in the government business development. Typically, such talent has only been available from external sources as part of an independent study team. Now that PTW has mostly become a fixture most major company's business development organization there is always going to be an need to augment internal capabilities with seasoned PTW professionals to meet peak demand.
CAI/SISCo can stand up or augment capture and proposal teams in the U.S. National Capital Region (NCR) and elsewhere with professional, experienced and skilled temporary resources. As professional business development practitioners in our own right, not just brokers of independent talent, CAI/SISCo can rapidly locate skilled personnel with the availability, experience and expertise needed to lead, staff or round out teams to meet any requirement or schedule. Moreover, using our InfoCenter™ database, we are often able to lower customer costs by increasing productivity, speeding knowledge transfer, and reducing spin-up time by locating temporary personnel who know the agency's environment or have worked similar programs.
As a long-time student of government business development, CAI/SISCo has the unique ability to improve win rates and add even more value by providing insights and experience for use in developing opportunity capture strategies, call plans, pricing strategies, and proposal reviews. Our in-depth experience has been garnered from hundreds of major engagements that have resulted in customer wins that aggregate in excess of $1 trillion.
Don't be hoodwinked by the out-of-town "national" proposal shops who buy local talent very low and sell very high, justifying outrageous labor rates (plus expenses) with "proprietary" processes that are pablum to all but novices. CAI/SISCo keeps in touch with and provides personnel from the same talent pool but exacts only a modest mark-up. Since we are local to the National Capital Region, over the years we have worked with many of the professionals we represent. By observing their work and talents, we are able to add true value to customer teams, solutions, proposals and price offerings.
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Pricing Strategists & PTW Analysts
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Coordinators & Technical Editors
SMEs & Agency Specialists
Graphic Artists
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