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Most bidders develop strategic views of their present and future opportunity bases, their routes to market, and their competitors within the government marketplace. This strategic planning information forms the basis of a blueprint for successfully selling products and services in the government IT marketplace. In addition, the information derived helps to educate and focus the marketing and sales forces, producing more rapid success.
Problems with traditional approaches to opportunity qualification include:
  • tactical planning at the expense of strategic planning;
  • squeaky, rather than deserving, capture wheels getting B&P oil; and
  • winnable opportunities possibly being totally overlooked.
The goal is to win and derive contribution from carefully qualified opportunities. The new reality, government marketplace consists of thousands of potentially suitable and winnable contracts, task orders (TOs), delivery orders (DOs), and other opportunities that stretch out across time. Some overlooked agencies could easily become your strongholds; others may be hard to penetrate. For instance, some opportunities may call for significant levels of services such as integration and development that may be non-traditional for your firm. CAI/SISCo's systems approach to strategic planning includes:
  • understanding our client's capabilities, incumbencies, desires and aspirations;
  • developing and maintaining relevant opportunity and environmental information pre-positioned in the CAI/SISCo InfoCenterTM repository;
  • assessing and ranking opportunities using a custom set of Qualification Process Factors; and
  • rank- and time-ordering opportunity targets, to show how constrained resources should be committed.
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