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Opportunity Pipeline Development & Qualification

Development, qualification and maintenance of a realistic pipeline of business prospects is fundamental to the continued success and growth of any contracting organization. CAI/SISCo has helped some of the biggest names in government contracting develop a pipeline of qualified opportunities within their established lines of business. This includes firms that have grown rapidly through acquisitions to an extent that the resulting entity and its prospects are difficult to understand.
A CAI/SISCo Opportunity Pipeline Development & Qualification Study provides customers with information and analysis that is used to develop, confirm or expand the basis for deciding whether or not to commit significant resources to the pursuit of opportunities as either a prime bidder or as a major subcontractor to another bid team. The analysis provides timely “street” versions of the competitive situation for each opportunity - the proverbial “other hand against which to clap” - providing supporting rationale for bid/no-bid decisions and allocation of pursuit resources.
Pipeline development is accomplished by means of the following process. From the universe of upcoming opportunities, CAI/SISCo develops a short list of possible programs that fit the customer’s schedule and preferred profile for inclusion. Pending review, CAI/SISCo qualifies the short-listed and viable opportunities by means of primary research, to include:
  • Who the front-runners are and why, including likely competitive bid team composition and team member roles, how they are attempting to shape the acquisition, their advantages, differentiators and likely pursuit budgets;

  • The opportunity’s incumbents, acquisition strategy, purview, funding source/s, competing vehicles, decision makers and the likely evaluation scheme;

  • Whether the customer has the correct contracting vehicles in place; and

  • Whether the opportunity is most appropriately a prime or a subcontracting opportunity for the customer.
  • The initial pipeline development task is usually completed within 30 days of receipt of authorization to proceed and includes at least the Top 20 major opportunities that are slated to be awarded within the prescribed timeframe. At, or near, the conclusion of the pipeline development and qualification task CAI/SISCo conducts a formal management presentation to air competitive details surrounding each opportunity and to comparatively assess the customer’s chances of prevailing either as the prime bidder or as a subcontractor.
    On-demand maintenance is available to update existing opportunity pipeline information and add new opportunities.
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